2 Players      2 Crows

Conan wheeled, to see the girl standing a short distance away, staring at him in wide-eyed horror, all the mockery gone from her face. He cried out fiercely and the blood-drops flew from his sword as his hand shook in the intensity of his passion. Call the rest of your brothers! He cried. I’ll give their hearts to the wolves! You can not escape me –

With a cry of fright she turned and ran fleetly. She did not laugh now, nor mock him over her white shoulder. She ran as for her life, and though he strained every nerve and thew, until his temples were like to burst and the snow swam red to his gaze, she drew away from him, dwindling in the witch-fire of the skies, until she was a figure no bigger than a child, then a dancing white flame on the snow, then a dim blur in the distance. But grinding his teeth until the blood started from his gums, he reeled on, and he saw the blur of him, and slowly the space narrowed, foot by foot.

Robert E. Howard – The Frost-Giant’s Daughter.

Niord is dead. The Frost Giants are slain. Nothing stands between Conan and Ymir’s daughter. Who will prevail? The powerful Cimmerian or the blazing Atali

Run Till You Drop

The Tundra Forest

    Uses content from:     Core Game     Nordheim Expansion

Winning the Game


If Atali dies before she can escape, the hero wins the game.


If Atali escapes or Conan dies, the Overlord wins the game.



The game starts with the heroes’ turn.
Conan starts in the area indicated by the setup diagram.


Suggested Heroes and Equipment:
Conan (Battle Axe)
After setup, each hero moves 4 gems from their Reserve zone to their Fatigue zone. Niord has died at the hands of a frost giant. During the hero’s Stance phase, Niord counts as a hero who died this game.


The Overlord starts with 5 gems in their Reserve zone and 15 in their Fatigue zone, and places the recovery token showing a recovery value of “5” in the Book of Skelos.

When Event 1 tile is activated the Overlord resolves the following event:

Ice Crows: Atali sways rhythmically, uttering curses, as the ice shatters around her launching a storm of sharp icy beaks. The Overlord can spend up to 3 reinforcement points on the Crows unit and place them in Atali’s area or any one adjacent area. (Maximum limit of 5 Crows on the board at any one time)

When Event 2 tile is activated the Overlord resolves the following event:

Revitalize: Atali may transfer 2 gems from any area on the game board and place them in the Overlord’s Fatigue zone. These 2 gems can be taken from 1 or 2 different areas.

Atali has the spell Weight of Years.

The River

Special Rules

Impenetrable Forest: These 3 Forest areas block Line of Sight. A character can aim from but not shoot inside or through these areas. Entering the area costs an additional movement point. Leaving the area does not cost any extra movement points.

Rocky Outcrop: The 2 Rocky Outcrop areas block Line of Sight and grant an Elevation Bonus. Entering the area costs an additional movement point. Leaving the area does not cost any extra movement points.

Frost Armor: During setup, place the Frost Armor token on space 6 of the track sheet. This is used to track Atali’s Armor value during the game. Each time Atali is hit by an attack, after suffering damage, move the Frost Armor down one space toward 0.

Life Trail: At the start of each Overlord’s turn before the Recovery Phase, if Atali is in an area where at least 1 gem is placed, the Overlord must transfer 1 gem from their Reserve zone to that area of the game board.

A Weakening Magic: Atali’s Life Points are represented by the gems in the Overlord’s Reserve and Fatigue zones. When Atali suffers damage, the Overlord must transfer that many gems from their Reserve zone and place them in Atali’s area on the game board. When the Overlord’s Reserve zone is empty, use gems from the Overlord’s Fatigue zone. If the Overlord’s Fatigue zone is also empty, Atali dies and the hero wins. Each time Atali suffers damage, the Overlord may move Atali to any area on the board. This Move action cannot be hindered by the hero and Atali is not affected by the movement penalty when entering Impenetrable Forest or Rocky Outcrop.

Mortal Exhaustion: Each time the Overlord uses gems to activate a tile, or uses a spell, the Overlord places the first gem used in Atali’s area on the game board, and the rest in their Fatigue zone. Gems spent to cast The Weight of Years count toward the spell exertion limit. Gems used for Benefits (Defense, Movement, Rerolls) are all moved to the Overlord’s Fatigue zone as normal.

Escape Is the Only Option: During setup, place the Escape token on space 0 of the track sheet. Each turn Conan does not attack Atali, she gets away a little bit more: At the end of the hero’s turn, advance the Escape token 1 place. When the token reaches 4, Atali gets away and the Overlord wins.

Chests: During setup, the Overlord places 3 chests on the board as indicated by the setup diagram. The asset deck contains: 2 Life Potions and 1 Throwing Knives.