4 Players      2 Crows

In the Port of Luxur, three shadows sneak onto the docks alongside the Styx river. There are only a few hours left before the break of dawn, and the discreet marauders have yet to lay hands on the items they are looking for: three artifacts that were used to cast a dark cruel curse on the village of one of them, Ikhmet, the Stygian renegade. That is the price to pay for questioning the absolute authority of the priests of Set.

The items have been brought to the port city to be spread and hidden throughout Stygia so that the curse would never be broken. However, the three companions managed to discover that the artifacts have not yet been scattered by interrogating the priest of Set responsible for the malediction. But the artifacts are well guarded and the only way to lift the curse is to purify the three items by submerging them in the waters of the Styx.

After ending the life of the Stygian priest, Ikhmet and his tow friends, Shevatas the Zamorian master-thief, and Conan the powerful Cimmerian warrior, journeyed to the port of Luxur to steal the evil artifacts and plunge them into the river.

The Curse of the Scorpion

The Luxor Port

    Uses content from:     Core Game     Stygia Expansion

Winning the Game


If the three artifacts have been submerged in the water before the end of turn 7, the curse on Ikhmet’s village is broken, and the heroes win the game.


If all the heroes are dead or do not successfully submerge the three artifacts in the water before the end of turn 7, the Overlord wins the game.



The game starts with the heroes’ turn.


Suggested Heroes and Equipment:
Conan (Battle Axe, Leather Armor)
Shevatas (Kris, Throwing Knives)
Ikhmet (2 Assassin’s Dagger)
After setup, each hero moves 5 gems from their Reserve zone to their Fatigue zone.


The Overlord starts with 6 gems in their Reserve zone and 3 in their Fatigue zone, and places the recovery token showing a recovery value of “5” in the Book of Skelos.

Each time the Overlord activates the Event tile, the Overlord may use both events in any order.

Reinforcement: 3 reinforcement points .

Surge of Scorpions: The Overlord may place up to 6 Giant Scorpion models in any area of the board except the rooftops and the stairs on the left side of the board. Those 6 Giant Scorpion models can be those killed during the scenario or taken from the box (maximum limit of 10 Giant Scorpions on the board at any one time).

The River


Special Rules

Scorpion Broodmother Movement: The Scorpion Broodmother can sidle in the narrow streets and the buildings of the city. Its model can be placed in any of the areas of the board, even if its base encroaches on the adjacent areas.

Submerge an Artifact: The three artifacts the heroes must submerge to stop the curse are:
The Sorcerer’s Scepter
The Stygian Artifact
The Spellbook

A hero with an artifact may perform a complex Manipulation to throw it into a water area of the board. A hero with an artifact may also jump into a water area to submerge that artifact.

Trapped Chest: When a hero draws the Trapped Chest from the asset deck, the trap is triggered. Discard that card and attack the hero’s area; roll 1 Red die.

Jumping into Water: A character adjacent to a water area may move into that area with no movement penalty. When a character without Swimming moves into a water area, that character dies immediately.

Moving Back onto the Docks: A character in a water area adjacent to a ladder may move back onto the docks by spending 1 extra movement point.

Roof Top: The areas located on the roof top of the building on the left side of the board provide an elevation bonus, including on the stairs area. A character may jump from these areas to areas of the street level. That character rolls 2 Orange dice for falling damage. If that character has Leap, that character rolls 1 Orange die. A character cannot move onto the roof top areas directly from the street level except when moving through the stairs areas.

Wall Wrecker: A character with Wall Wrecker can only use this skill to move across the wall in the warehouse on the right side of the board.

Poisoned: When attacked by a Giant Scorpion, instead of suffering damage as usual, a hero must place a number of poison tokens equal to the amount of damage either on the Melee Attack or the Move space of their hero’s sheet. Each poison token on an action space reduces by 1 the exertion limit of that action. When both exertion limits are reduced to zero, that hero immediately dies. If additional poison tokens are needed, you can use any other token to represent them.

Immune: A hero with this ability had developed a resistance to poison. At the beginning of the Action phase, whether the hero is aggressive or cautious, that hero may remove one poison token from one of the action spaces of their hero’s sheet. Ikhmet is Immune for this scenario.

Antidote: A hero with an Antidote may discard it to remove all the poison tokens from one of the action spaces of their hero’s sheet.

Chests: The asset deck contains: Sorcerer’s Scepter, Stygian Artifact, Spellbook, Life Potion, Trapped Chest, Explosive Orb, Crossbow, Antidote.