4 Players      2 Crows

Peace has returned between the kingdoms of Argos and Stygia where a diplomatic meeting is about to take place in the port of Khemi. But Thot-Amon, the most influent Priest of Set, wants to become the next Great Priest of the Ancient Serpent’s cult and will put all his might into sabotaging the negotiations. Having denounced the Argosseans as spies, he plans on killing them by using his magical powers to resurrect the dead Giant Snake offered as a gift by Stygia to Argos. However, he does not know that among the emissaries’ escort is a tenacious Cimmerian mercenary, always prompt to punish disloyalty.

The Fifth Plague of Stygia


Stygia Port

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Winning the Game


If Thot-Amon dies, the heroes win the game.


If the two Argossean emissaries die, the Overlord wins the game.



The game starts with the heroes’ turn.


Suggested Heroes and Equipment:
Conan (Battle Axe, Leather Armor)
Shevatas (Kris, Throwing Knives)
Hadrathus (Dagger, Teleportation, Mitra’s Halo, Lightning Storm), Hadrathus starts with Mitra’s Halo cast.
After setup, each hero moves 5 gems from their Reserve zone to their Fatigue zone.


The Overlord starts with 4 gems in their Reserve zone and 8 in their Fatigue zone, and places the recovery token showing a recovery value of “5” in the Book of Skelos.

When an event tile is activated the Overlord resolves any one of the following events:

Reinforcement: 5 reinforcement points .

Plague of Stygia: Thot-Amon unleashes the ancient forces in a deluge of fire and death. The Overlord chooses an area of the board other than ones located in the three buildings of the city (the trading post, the barracks and the warehouse) and places a flame token in that area (ignoring the number on it). Then the Overlord attacks that area; roll .

Thot-Amon has the spells Set’s Halo, Pestilential Swarm and Bori’s Rage.

The River



Special Rules

Argossean Emissaries: During setup, the heroes shuffle and place facedown nine tokens numbered from 1 to 9 as indicated by the setup diagram; then they look at these tokens. The two emissaries targeted by Thot-Amon are represented by the tokens numbered 1  and 2 . The emissaries cannot move and do not count for Hindering.

Killing an Emissary: Each Argossean (including the emissaries) has 1 Armor and 1 Life Point. All Argosseans have Protected. When an Argossean dies, its token is flipped faceup and discarded from the game.

Burning Areas: When a character moves into an area with a flame token , that character rolls 2 Red dice for burning damage with no Guard bonus for their weapons; that character may Guard, use their Armor bonus and the Guard bonus of shields.

Leaping over Water: A character with Leap may leap over the areas marked with the Leap icon. If a hero fails to Leap, the character remains in its area.

Plank: Two planks connect the docks to the ship. A plank’s area is considered to be a normal area and gives an elevation bonus on the water areas.

Jumping into Water: A character adjacent to a water area may move into that area with no movement penalty. When a character without Swimming moves into a water area, that character dies immediately.

Moving Back onto the Docks: A character in a water area adjacent to a ladder may move back onto the docks by spending 1 extra movement point.

Roof Top: The areas located on the roof top of the building on the left side of the board provide an elevation bonus, including on the stairs area. A character may jump from these areas to areas of the street level. That character rolls 2 Orange dice for falling damage. If that character has Leap, that character rolls 1 Orange die. A character cannot move onto the roof top areas directly from the street level except when moving through the stairs areas.

Wall Wrecker: A character with Wall Wrecker can only use this skill to move across the wall in the warehouse on the right side of the board.

Chests: The asset deck contains: Life Potion, Explosive Orb, Crossbow, Chain Mail.