3 Players      2 Crows

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In the heart of Stygia and guided by Conan the Cimmerian, the priest of Asura named Hadrathus follows on the heels of the sinister King-Priest who reigned over Kuthchemes three thousand years ago. The resurrection of the latter did not go unnoticed in the eyes of those who watch the activity of the cult of Set. For, if today Set no longer exerts a hold over the world as in the past; the return of one of its most faithful and ferocious followers could announce the advent of a new dark age.

This is why the disciples of Asura decided to strike as soon as they got wind of the return of Thugra Khotan. He who reigned in terror and blood, sacrificing hundreds of captives to the great glory of the Serpent-God. Unable to raise enough men, in the kingdom where Set is still venerated and so as to put an end to the threat; the disciples of Asura chose to send the best of them, accompanied by Conan; an excellent tracker and a redoubtable warrior.

It is not far from the sanctuary of Set, the oasis of Aphaka, that both men join the one who is now known as Natohk. After coming back to life and in a hurry to recover his terrible powers, he hid in this remote place to reenergize and prepare for his return. Unfortunately, and to Hadrathus greatest surprise, the vile sorcerer already has enough power to raise the dead, even if to that end he must use magical artifacts.

Damned Resurrection

The Pict Village

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Winning the Game


If the 3 altars are destroyed before the end of turn 6; the heroes win the game.


If at least 1 altar is not destroyed at the end of turn 6; the Overlord wins the game.



The game starts with the heroes’ turn.


Suggested Heroes and Equipment:
Conan - Wanderer: (Battle Axe and Leather Armor)
Hadrathus: (Mitra’s Staff, Sword and 4 spells: Eel Skin, Set’s Halo, Bel’s Caress, Mitra’s Healing)
After setup, each hero moves 3 gems from their Reserve zone to their Fatigue zone.


The Overlord starts with 7 gems in their Reserve zone and 3 in their Fatigue zone, and places the recovery token showing a recovery value of “5” in the Book of Skelos.

When an event tile is activated the Overlord resolves the following event:

Reinforcement: 3 reinforcement points (see special rules).

Natohk has 2 spells: Set’s Bite and Teleportation.

The River


Special Rules

Altar: During setup, the Overlord places the Altars tokens as indicated by the setup diagram. A hero in an Altar token’s area may perform a complex Manipulation with a difficulty of 2 to destroy that altar and remove that Altar token from the board.

Skeletons: When a Skeleton dies, the Overlord lays the model down in its area instead of removing it from the board. The model is no longer considered in play, cannot be activated, does not count regarding occupied areas and when calculating hindering.

Reinforcement: When the Overlord uses Reinforcement, they can spend up to 3 Reinforcement points only to bring back into play Skeleton models of the same tile. To do so, they stand up 1 Skeleton model laid down on the board per spent Reinforcement point. Therefore, in this scenario, Mummies cannot return as Reinforcement.

Hut Flaps: A character must spend 1 extra movement point to move across a boarder into or out a hut. Moving across an opening token does not cost an extra movement point.

Climbing: A character with Climb can move across boulders as though they were a border by spending 2 extra movement points.

Wooden Huts: A character with Wall Wrecker can use it to move across the wall of one of the Wooden Huts.

Chests: During setup, the Overlord places 3 chests on the board as indicated by the setup diagram. The asset deck contains: 2 Life Potions and 1 Explosive Orb