The Pict Village

from Core Game

Shares a board with The Inn

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Special Rules:

  1. The hut flaps at the entrance of each hut block line of sight. A character must spend 1 extra movement point to move across a border into or out of a hut.
  2. The huts with stone walls cannot be wrecked using Wall Wrecker.
  3. The outer walls cannot be climbed over, or wrecked using Wall Wrecker.
  4. The bushes do not block line of sight.
  5. Wooden Huts: A character with Wall Wrecker can use it to move across the wall of one of the wooden huts. The walls of an occupied hut (see page 22 of the Revised Heroes’ Book) cannot be wrecked using Wall Wrecker.
  6. Climbing: A character with Climb can move across boulders as though they were a border by spending 2 extra movement points.