5 Players      2 Crows

Across the red drifts and mail-clad forms, two figures glared at each other. In that utter desolation only they moved. The frosty sky was over them, the white illimitable plain around them, the dead men at their feet. Slowly through the corpses they came, as ghosts might come to a tryst through the shambles of a dead world. In the brooding silence they stood face to face.

Both were tall men, built like tigers. Their shields were gone, their corselets battered and dinted. Blood dried on their mail; their swords were stained red. Their horned helmets showed the marks of fierce strokes. One was beardless and black-manned. The locks and beard of the other were red as the blood on the sunlit snow.

Robert E. Howard – The Frost-Giant’s Daughter.

We all remember this classic scene, where Conan and his Aesir allies battle a Vanir warband in the lands of Nordheim. But what happened before that final stand-off? How many ferocious Vanir died by Conan’s axe and how many of his companions drew their last breath that day in the frozen northern lands? Relive the epic battles: Aesir raiders from Wulfhere fight in the name of Ymir against the Wolves of Bragi of Vanaheim.

A Red Sun Rises

The Frozen Battlefield

    Uses content from:     Core Game     Nordheim Expansion

Winning the Game


The heroes try to hold their ground until reinforcements of the Aesir army arrive. If at least one hero is alive at the end of turn 8 and score 5 victory points, the heroes win the game.


If all heroes are dead or score less than 5 victory points at the end of turn 8, the Overlord wins the game.



The game starts with the heroes’ turn.


Suggested Heroes and Equipment:
Conan (Battle Axe, Leather Armor)
Shevatas (Kris, Throwing Knives, Leather Armor)
Bêlit (Ornamental Spear, Leather Armor)
Niord (2 Aesir Blades), and his 5 Aesir Warriors
After setup, each hero moves 4 gems from their Reserve zone to their Fatigue zone.


The Overlord starts with 5 gems in their Reserve zone and 10 in their Fatigue zone, and places the recovery token showing a recovery value of “5” in the Book of Skelos.

When Event 1 tile is activated the Overlord resolves the following event:

Reinforcement: 8 reinforcement points .

When Event 2 tile is activated the Overlord resolves any the following event:

Rage:The Overlord chooses one area. The Overlord may perform a Melee Attack with all their units in this area.

If you do not have the Wolf models, please use the Hyenas from the Core box.

The River

Special Rules

Blood!-Gore!-Slush!: Every time a hero spends movement points to move, they must add 1 additional gem to the Movement point total. This gem is placed in the hero’s Move space, but does not add a movement point. This effect occurs once per Move action regardless of how many areas the hero moves through. Niord, Aesir Warriors and the Overlord’s units are not affected.

That’s Not a Mountain: The hill does not affect movement. The area at the top of the hill still provides the Elevation bonus, as do the cliffs at the corners of the game board (the 3 areas where the heroes start the game).

Scoring Victory Points: At the end of 8, each hero or Aesir Warrior in a level 2 or 3 area indicated on the setup diagram equals 1 victory point.

Aesir Warriors: Only Niord can command his brethren allies. If Niord dies, Aesir Warriors no longer have a reason to fight and retreat homewards. All Warriors are immediately removed from the game.