2 Players      1 Crow

Far from the disturbing ancestral lands occupied by the Pict people, there is a cursed place that the fierce painted warriors avoid. The territory of a solitary witch living among wolves. An Aquilonian who had long been exiled and turned towards the children of wild nature rather than towards men. Yet Zelata, for such is her name, is not a disciple of black magic; and if she does not seek quarrel with the neighboring Pict clans, they nevertheless vow a superstitious fear to her. She is the White Witch coming from the East, who speaks to nature and animals as well as to spirits.

So, when Zelata learns that the Shaman of the Crows clan has invoked a Swamp Demon, she cannot decently stand idly by. It does not matter to her that the Pict tribes spend their time confronting each other, but the presence of such a vile and unpredictable creature is a threat she cannot tolerate. For sooner or later this abomination will attract the attention of the Friars of the Night to her existence and these gods of darkness haunting the Black Country plateaus will wish to feed on her soul and imprison it forever in the Chasm of Specters.

Gathering her children around her, she decides to move into action.

The White Witch


    Uses content from:     Core Game     King Pledge     Stretch Goal     Giant Wolves     Book of Set

Winning the Game


If Zelata kills the Swamp Demon before the end of round 6, the hero wins the game.


If the Overlord prevents Zelata from killing the Swamp Demon, or kills all the Giant Wolves before the end of round 6, the Overlord wins the game.



The game starts with the heroes’ turn.


Suggested Hero and Equipment:
Zelata (2 spells: Mitra’s Halo and Bel’s Caress) with 10 Giant Wolves. Zelata starts with Mitra’s Halo cast.

After setup, the hero moves no gems from their Reserve zone to their Fatigue zone.


Overlord starts with 7 gems in their Reserve zone and 1 in their Fatigue zone, and places the recovery token showing a recovery value of “3” in the Book of Skelos.

When an event tile is activated the Overlord resolves any one of the following events:

Reinforcement: 3 reinforcement points

Forced march: The Overlord choses a unit tile. All the models of this unit tile may move according to their base movement value.

The River


Special Rules

Giant Wolf: During setup, the hero places two Giant Wolves tiles next to Zelata’s hero sheet. When Zelata uses her Leaderships kill to activate the Giant Wolves by spending one gem, she activates two Giant Wolves characters instead of one. She must move both Giant Wolves, then perform their attack. Each Giant Wolf can only be activated once per hero’s turn. The Giant Wolves follow the standard rules of the Allies for rerolls, Guard an additional movement points.
As soon as 5 Giant Wolves have been killed, the hero removes a Giant Wolves tile from the game. From this point on, when Zelata uses her Leadership skill to activate the Giant Wolves by spending one gem, she only activates one Giant Wolves character.

Wolf Pack: When Zelata is in the same area as a Giant Wolves, she gains the Protected skill. When there are strictly more Giant Wolves characters than Overlord’s characters in one area:

  • The Armor Value of the Giant Wolves is 2 against Melee attacks.
  • The Armor Value of their target in Melee attack is reduced by 1.

Shaman’s Staff: During setup, the Overlord places the Withering spell card next to the board. The character carrying the Shaman’s Staff gains the Withering spell.

Censer: During setup, the Overlord places the Pestilential Swarm card next to the board. The character carrying the Censor gains the Pestilential Swarm spell.

Totem: During setup, the Overlord places 4 totems as indicated on the map. If Zelata is in the same area as a Totem, she may perform a complex Manipulation of difficulty 2 to destroy that Totem. When a Totem is destroyed, the Overlord removes that Totem from the board, then the Swamp Demon suffers 2 wounds with no possible defense.

Water areas: A character must spend 1 extra movement point to move out of a water area. A character can move from a water area to an adjacent wood area by spending 2 extra movement points.

Leap: Leaping over the water area around the altar in a single movement is not possible. The character must stop in the altar area before performing a second leap.

Wooden Huts: A character with Wall Wrecker can use it to move across the wall of one of the wooden huts.

Chests: During setup, the Overlord places 3 chests on the board as indicated by the setup diagram. The asset deck contains: 1 Shaman’s Staff, 1 Censer, and 1 Life Potion.