5 Players     

Making the most of the advance paid by Count Alberico, Conan soon charters a ship and sets up a crew to rejoin Khemi, the largest port of Stygia, in order to find Noliades.

Having plundered the coast when he was a pirate, he knows it well and the Cimmerian chooses to anchor the ship in a small bay downstream of the mouth of the Styx and the black walls of the city. According to Publio’s information, the plunderer must go to the lost tomb of Skuthus, a former high priest of the snake-god Set.

After several hours of extremely demanding progress in infernal heat through a marshy area overgrown with mangroves and lianas, and infested with snakes and crocodiles, the mercenaries come across the ruin of an ancient mausoleum concealed beneath the luxuriant vegetation. Scarcely have they crossed the entrance of the edifice when a feverish-looking Stygian comes out to meet them, “What are you doing here? No one knows the existence of this place!”

An icy flash passes through the azure eyes of the Cimmerian, “Your appearance is certainly deceptive Noliades, but your accent remains that of a Zamorian. We are not here for the treasures that you seek, but on the traces of the crook who took the daughter of Count Alberico. Speak and we will leave the premises here and now!”

As the Zamorian prepares to speak, the ground suddenly starts to vibrate and a demonic laugh coming from the depths of the earth invades the devastated mausoleum. The soul of Skuthus is still linked to his tomb, ready to punish violators. A skeletal hand emerges from the ground to grab Conan’s ankle...

When the Dead Walk

Campaign: Legend of the Devil in Iron

Abandoned Fort

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Winning the Game


If the heroes kill Skuthus before the end of turn 8, they stop the evil curse; the heroes win the game.


If Skuthus is still alive at the end of turn 8; the Overlord wins.



The game starts with the heroes’ turn.
The heroes start in the area marked


Suggested Heroes and Equipment:
Follow Campaign Rules for level and starting equipment
Amra the Lion
Savage Bêlit
After setup, each hero moves 5 gems from their Reserve zone to their Fatigue zone.


The Overlord starts with 11 gems in their Reserve zone and 3 in their Fatigue zone, and places the recovery token showing a recovery value of “7” in the Book of Skelos.

When an event tile is activated the Overlord resolves any one of the following events:

Reinforcement: 4 reinforcement points (see Special Rules).

Appearance of the Dark Demon: see Special Rules.

Skuthus has Set’s Bite.
If the Dark Demon has been summoned and is still alive at the end of the scenario, check its name on the Overlord’s Campaign Log.

The River


Special Rules

Skeleton reserve: The Overlord forms a reserve of 8 additional skeletons with 2 skeletons of each group that they set aside next to the board.

Reinforcements: Reinforcements must be placed in Skuthus’ area or in an adjacent areas. The Overlord cannot place more than 2 skeletons per area during a Reinforcement event, regardless of the number of skeletons already present in that area. However, the occupied area rule must be respected.

Skuthus’ Life Force: When Skuthus is attacked, his Armor Value is equal to the number of skeleton models on the board.

Appearance of the Dark Demon: Skuthus summons an evil creature that has been lurking around since well before the Atlantis civilization and the erection of this fort. The Overlord replaces the Event tile furthest on the left in the river with the Dark Demon tile. The Dark Demon’s model is placed in the area marked and the Overlord places the Dark Demon’s Life Point marker on the position “8” of the turn track.

Pictish Drink: A hero may discard this item to move 2 gems from their Fatigue zone to their Reserve zone but must also suffer 1 wound.

Chests: During setup, the Overlord places 4 chests on the board as indicated by the setup diagram. The asset deck contains: 1 Bossonian Bow, 1 Chain Mail, 1 Pictish Drink and 1 Explosive Orb,

Campaign Results

Heroes’ Victory: Skuthus defeated, Noliades emerges from the alcove where he has been hiding. The thief, indebted to the mercenaries, explains that they are looking for the vile Kothian mercenary named Constantius and that his hideout is located southwest of Aghrapur in the heart of the Eastern Desert.

The heroes’ side earns 1 victory point.

The next scenario to be played is scenario 7, “The Cook’s Hideout”.

Overlord’s Victory: Submerged by a veritable army of undead warriors, the mercenaries are forced to withdraw. Noliades is killed in the confrontation, but he has time to murmur to Conan that Flavia’s captor is now in Pictish territory. Unfortunately for Conan and his allies, after turning towards the west and disembarking in Kordava to join the Pictish Wilderness; they are quickly spotted and hunted by the terrible painted warriors.

The Overlord’s side earns 1 victory point.

The next scenario to be played is scenario 6, “The Mad Shaman”.