The Abandoned Fort

from Core Game

Shares a board with The Ships

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Special Rules:

  1. Only the areas directly adjacent to the towers areas have line of sight on the tower areas.
  2. The areas inside the fort do not have a roof. A character in a parapet area has line of sight on these areas and may jump into these areas.
  3. The nine areas at the edge of the board are adjacent to one another. A character may move through them normally to go around the abandoned fort.
  4. Lines of Sight: A character in a wall area has line of sight to each ground area within the fortress walls.
  5. Leaping from Walls: A character can move across a parapet from a wall area to a ground area as though it were a border. The character rolls (2 Red dice) for falling damage. If the character has Leap, the character rolls (1 Red die) instead. A character cannot move from a ground area to a wall area.
  6. Rock Slide: A character can move into a rock slide area from an adjacent area. The character must spend 2 extra movement points unless the character has Climbing.