4 Players      2 Crows

Relentlessly pursued and having finally reached the Black Kingdom of Kush, the survivors of the felon prince Almuric’s army are finally annihilated in the northern desert when the jaws of the Stygian and Kushite warriors close on them.

Conan the Cimmerian, the master thief Shevatas, and the fearsome warrior Valeria are the only survivors of the massacre. They are forced to flee through the hostile stretches of the southern end of the desert. Harried by hunger, thirst, and the cruel heat of the sun, they discover amidst the burning sands a fortification forgotten by time.

Standing with the members of the garrison seemingly lifeless at her feet, a beautiful but enigmatic young woman greets the weary travelers, introducing herself as Thalis. This fort, she explains, is an outpost of the vast city of Xuthal.

Thalis lavishes attention upon Conan, who obstinately refuses her advances. Seeing a rival in Valeria, she captures the warrior, planning to offer her as a sacrifice to Thog, the city’s god.

The Crawling Shadow

The Abandoned Fort

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Winning the Game


If the energy marker is on a space numbered “14” or lower at the end of turn 9, or when Thog dies, the heroes manage to survive; the heroes win the game.


If the energy marker is on space 15 at the end of turn 9, Thog reaches its full power; the Overlord wins the game.



The game starts with the heroes’ turn.


Suggested Heroes and Equipment:
Conan (Battle Axe, Leather Armor)
Shevatas (Kris, Throwing Knives)
Valeria (Perrying Dagger)
After setup, Valeria moves 4 gems from her Reserve zone to her Fatigue zone; Conan and Shevatas do not move any gems.


The Overlord starts with 5 gems in their Reserve zone and 5 in their Fatigue zone, and places the recovery token showing a recovery value of “5” in the Book of Skelos.
During setup, place the energy marker on space 0 of the track.

When an event tile is activated the Overlord resolves the following event:

Thog’s Shadow: During the next hero turn, heroes cannot gain movement points from their movement values.

The River



Special Rules

Black Lotus: After setup, lay each Bossonian Guard, Bossonian Archer, and Captain model down in the model’s area. Laid-down models are slumbering. Heroes cannot attack slumbering units, slumbering units do not count for hindering, and slumbering units cannot be activated. When the Overlord activates a tile, the Overlord may stand up any number of models in that group before activating units.

Crowns of Xuthal: The first time a hero takes each Crown of Xuthal, move the turn marker 1 space toward space 15.

Thog: Once during its activation, Thog can devour 1 friendly character in its area; remove that character’s model from the board and move the energy marker 1 space toward space 15. When Thog attacks a hero, move the energy marker a number of spaces toward space 15 equal to the damage a hero suffers from that attack.

Stygian Scepter: When Thalis performs a Melee Attack, she can attack with her Stygian Scepter, rolling the extra die indicated on the Stygian Scepter’s Melee Attack bonus. When a hero suffers damage from Thalis’ attack with a Stygian Scepter, Thog is drawn by the hero’s screams; Thog gains up to 1 movement point, which the Overlord must immediately spend.

Doors: A hero in an area adjacent to a door can perform a complex Manipulation with a difficulty of 2 to pick the lock. If the hero succeeds, remove the door from the board. A hero can attack a door as though it were an enemy character. If a door would suffer 5 or more damage from an attack, remove it from the board. Thalis, Bossonian Guards, and the Captain can move across a door as though it were a border.

Lines of Sight: A character in a wall area has line of sight to each ground area within the fortress walls. An area in a tower and an area outside that tower are within each other’s line of sight only if the areas are in or adjacent to the tower.

Leaping from Walls: A character can move across a parapet from a wall area to a ground area as though it were a border. The character rolls 2 Red dice for falling damage. If the character has Leap, the character rolls 1 Red die instead.

Rock Slides: A character can move into a rock slide area from an adjacent area. The character must spend 2 extra movement points unless the character has Climb.

Chests: During setup, the Overlord places 8 chests on the board as indicated by the setup diagram. The asset deck contains: 2 Xuthal Crown, 2 Life Potion, 2 Explosive Orb, 1 Chain Mail, 1 Crossbow.