5 Players     

Conan and his companions finally arrive on the wild and inhospitable coast facing the island of Xapur. The surroundings are formed from a vast swamp covered with reeds and abandoned to ferocious beasts. Only a few Yuetshi fishing villages still exist in the region.

When the Cimmerian approaches the village that harbors the dagger, he falls upon a Yuetshi leaning back against the foot of a tree, a gaping wound in his side and eyes already glazing over. The fisherman mumbles in a trembling voice, “Take care! The devil has bewitched my brothers. He sent...”, he then collapses, dead.

A wild clamor rises from the center of the village. intrigued, Conan silently approaches and notes with horror that a sinister character wearing the attire of a sorcerer with his hands clasped round a large curved-blade dagger, is ranting to the inhabitants, “The Master of Xapur is back. Your Master is back, but as he rebuilds Dagonia, his enemies draw closer every day and...” The sentence remains suspended in the mouth of the sorcerer, who suddenly looks in the direction of the Cimmerian.

“They're there, attack, attack them! The Master will reward you.” immediately the Yuetshi throw themselves on the mercenaries, their haggard eyes shining with the aura of madness. Nothing seems to stop them. The sorcerer then takes advantage of the scuffle to throw the dagger into the swamp.

The Mystical Dagger

Campaign: Legend of the Devil in Iron


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Winning the Game


If a hero flees the swamp with the Yuetshi Knife before the end of turn 7; the heroes win the game.


If the Overlord prevents the heroes from fleeing the swamp with the Yuetshi Knife by the end of turn 7; the Overlord wins.



The game starts with the heroes’ turn.
The heroes deploy freely in the areas marked


Suggested Heroes and Equipment:
Follow Campaign Rules for level and starting equipment
Amra the Lion
Savage Bêlit
After setup, each hero moves 4 gems from their Reserve zone to their Fatigue zone.


The Overlord starts with 8 gems in their Reserve zone and 4 in their Fatigue zone, and places the recovery token showing a recovery value of “7” in the Book of Skelos.

When an event tile is activated the Overlord resolves any one of the following events:

Reinforcement: 5 reinforcement points .

Fire at will: Each unit may perform a Ranged Attack if able.

Natohk has Set’s Bite and Kiss of Death.
If the Swamp Demon is still alive at the end of the scenario, check its name on the Overlord’s Campaign Log.

The River



Special Rules

Yuetshi Knife: During setup and before the heroes deploy, the Overlord decides where in the swamp the knife has been thrown. The Overlord secretly notes on a piece of paper the number between 1 and 10 corresponding to the area of the board containing the knife. The Yuetshi knife lowers the Armor Value of Khosatral Khel to 3.

Searching the Swamp: A hero in a numbered swamp area can search it to find the Yuetshi knife by performing a complex Manipulation with a difficulty of 1. If the hero succeeds, the Overlord indicates whether it is the area in which the knife is located. If it is, the Overlord shows the number written on a piece of paper during setup and that hero picks up the Yuetshi Knife card.

Interrogating a Pict: When a hero kills a Pict Warrior, a Pict Archer or a Pict Hunter in a melee attack, they can perform a simple Manipulation to interrogate him. The Pict will give them information to reduce their search for the knife. The Overlord must then remove the number token of his choice that does not match the location of the knife. Reinforcement Picts may also be interrogated. If there is only one numbered token left, it is no longer possible to interrogate a Pict.

Fleeing the Swamp: A hero can flee the swamp from one of the areas marked by spending movement points as though the hero was moving across a border. The hero’s model is then removed from the board. Once a hero has fled, the hero’s model cannot be returned to the board.

Pictish Drink: A hero may discard this item to move 2 gems from their Fatigue zone to their Reserve zone but must also suffer 1 wound.

Chests: During setup, the Overlord places 6 chests on the board as indicated by the setup diagram. The asset deck contains: 2 Life Potions, 2 Pictish Drink, 1 Tribal Mace and 1 Sword.

Campaign Results

Heroes’ Victory: Conan is in possession of the Yuetshi Knife. He knows he has a chance to defeat Khosatral Khel and hopes to save Flavia. He and his companions are now looking for a ship to reach the island of Xapur.

The heroes’ side DOES NOT earns any victory points for winning this scenario.

The next scenario to be played can be chosen by the heroes’ side from scenario 15, “Behind the Barricades”, scenario 16, “The Spellbook of the Grey Man-Ape”, or scenario 17, “The cursed treasures of Khawarizm”.

Overlord’s Victory: Despite a fierce and merciless struggle, Conan and his companions have not succeeded in retrieving the magic dagger, lost in the swamps. Without it they are incapable of defeating the iron-skinned demon, whose dark intentions require the blood of Flavia, the last descendant of the Dagonians. By killing the princess, Khosatral Khel can completely unleash his terrible power and enslave much more than Xapur.

If able, the heroes’ side loses 1 victory point and The Overlord’s side earns 1 victory point. Then replay this scenario. If the heroes’ side loses this scenario a second time, then the heroes’ side loses the campaign.