3 Players      3 Crows

This scenario can be played only after Infernal Pursuit I.

At the end of Infernal Pursuit I, the Overlord places the Zaporavo model (7 life points) and 2 Bossonian Archer models on the board as indicated by the setup diagram and places each Pirate model with a green or blue base that is off the board into a numbered area on the board as indicated by the setup diagram . Turn each green and blue Pirates tile in the River faceup, then place each green and blue Pirates tile that is not in the River at the end of the River.

Place the Bossonian Archers and Zaporavo tiles at the end of the River.

Infernal Pursuit Part II


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Winning the Game


If Zaporavo dies or the turn marker reaches space 8, The Vandal is overwhelmed; the heroes win the game


If all the heroes are dead, The Vandal survives to sail again; the Overlord wins.

Destruction: The Overlord does not move the turn marker during the Recover phase. The turn marker represents the heroes’ progress in destroying The Vandal.



When an event tile is activated the Overlord resolves any one of the following events:

Reinforcement: 4 reinforcement points .

Jammed Ballista: The Overlord rolls 1 Orange die. If the die shows 1 or more symbols, the Overlord chooses an area with a ballista. That ballista cannot be used on the heroes’ next turn.

Special Rules

Leap: If a hero or Zaporavo fails to Leap, the character remains in its area. If a minion or ally fails to leap, the character falls in the water and is eaten by sharks; the character dies.

Ballista Fire: Heroes in an area with a ballista facing The Vandal can use that ballista once per hero turn if the total number of heroes and allies in the area is higher than the number of units in the area and no ally in the area has attacked that turn. To use a ballista, each hero in the ballista’s area moves 1 gem from their Reserve zone to their Manipulation space, then 1 hero in the area rolls 1 Red die. All heroes in the area can perform Rerolls as though they rolled the die. Move the turn marker 1 space toward space 8 for each symbol shown on the die, and no ally in the area can attack that turn.