5 Players     

Back in the wilderness occupied by the Picts, Conan and his group reach the coastal village mentioned by Constantius. They note, not without bitterness, that the Picts have moved on, presumably in a hurry to share the fruits of their exchanges with allied tribes.

The mercenaries throw themselves into a frantic chase upon the trail of these small dark-skinned men with muscular chests and arms, clad only in suede loincloths with feathers stuck in their black mane of hair. Fortunately for Conan, the progress of the Picts is greatly slowed by the weight of the objects they carry, overloaded with trunks and chests to be carried without carts through the dense and untamed forest.

The convoy is quickly caught up as it passes through a small ancient village perched on stilts. One of the chests immediately attracts the attention of the Cimmerian giant, because it is particularly voluminous and manipulated very carefully by the painted warriors. It can only be the chest Constantius described.

Just as the mercenaries rush in to attack, a tall stranger with a thin, pale body arrives at the village. He seems expected, but to the surprise of Conan, his appearance brings to mind a Hyperborean sorcerer. It is now too late to think about why he might have left his distant snow-covered lands to meet the Picts, for it is necessary to seize the chest.

The Treasure Chest

Campaign: Legend of the Devil in Iron


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Winning the Game


If at least one hero flees the swamp with the sarcophagus before the end of turn 8; the heroes win the game.


If the heroes have not succeeded in escaping the swamp with the sarcophagus at the end of turn 8; the Overlord wins.



The game starts with the heroes’ turn.
The heroes start in the area marked . The heroes start carrying the sarcophagus (see Special Rules “Carrying the sarcophagus”).


Suggested Heroes and Equipment:
Follow Campaign Rules for level and starting equipment
Amra the Lion
Savage Bêlit
After setup, each hero moves 4 gems from their Reserve zone to their Fatigue zone.


The Overlord starts with 9 gems in their Reserve zone and 3 in their Fatigue zone, and places the recovery token showing a recovery value of “7” in the Book of Skelos.

When an event tile is activated the Overlord resolves any one of the following events:

Reinforcement: 3 reinforcement points .

Fire at will: Each unit may perform a Ranged Attack if able.

Hyperborean Primitive has Deceleration.

The River


Special Rules

Carrying the sarcophagus: During setup, the Overlord places the sarcophagus miniature in the area of the board as indicated by the setup diagram. A hero in the sarcophagus’ area can carry it by performing a simple Manipulation. Several heroes can carry the sarcophagus simultaneously; in this case the encumbrance value is divided equally between the heroes.
A hero can drop the sarcophagus as a free action (without assigning gems). The heroes carrying the sarcophagus can ONLY: Move, Defend with their Armor and Reroll. If several heroes carry the sarcophagus, they must move together toward the same area. They must all spend their movement points and move their model at the same time. The Overlord cannot move the sarcophagus. When a hero carries the sarcophagus, they are not included in calculating hindering but are nevertheless affected by hindering.
The heroes start carrying the sarcophagus.
The sarcophagus has an encumbrance of 12.

Fleeing the swamp: A hero can flee the swamp from one of the two areas marked by spending movement points as though the hero was moving across a border. The hero’s model is then removed from the board. Once a hero has fled, the hero’s model cannot be returned to the board. For the models carrying the sarcophagus the restrictions linked to the sarcophagus apply.

Pictish Drink: A hero may discard this item to move 2 gems from their Fatigue zone to their Reserve zone but must also suffer 1 wound.

Chests: During setup, the Overlord places 5 chests on the board as indicated by the setup diagram. The asset deck contains: 1 Javelin, 2 Life Potions and 2 Pictish Drink.

Campaign Results

Heroes’ Victory: Besides the loot, the weapons and the equipment contained in the chest, Conan discovers an ancient parchment revealing the true nature of the being known as Khosatral Khel.

Read the card “The Legend of the Devil in Iron”.

The heroes draw 5 cards from the Special Equipment deck (see page xx).

The heroes’ side earns 1 victory point.

The next scenario to be played is scenario 11, “Approached by the Vandal”.

Overlord’s Victory: The mercenaries did not manage to take the chest, but Conan nevertheless managed to seize documents that could only have come from civilized countries. As the men walk through the Pictish Wilderness to reach Zingara, the Cimmerian warrior discovers an ancient parchment revealing the true nature of Khosatral Khel.

Read the card “The Legend of the Devil in Iron”.

The Overlord’s side earns 1 victory point.

The next scenario to be played is scenario 12, “The horror from the abyss”.